VISITORS to Winchester Cathedral were able to enjoy the building's beauty while contemplating the wonders of the world as it played host to an award-winning collaboration of artists known as Luxmuralis.

A huge display of light and sound opened on Monday and transformed the city's cathedral into a stunning showcase this week with its touring art installation entitled ‘Science’.

Hampshire Chronicle: Winchester Cathedral, Luxmuralis

Inspired by the evolution of science, the 900-year old cathedral became the canvas for an immersive exploration of the world of science, and the ways in which it has shaped the past and will influence the future.

This multi-sensory experience transports visitors through elements, molecules, DNA, and the greatest discoveries of humanity.

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Alison Evans, chief operating officer at Winchester Cathedral said: “Over the centuries, the relationship between science and religion has ranged from conflict and hostility to harmony and collaboration.

Hampshire Chronicle: Winchester Cathedral, Luxmuralis

“We are delighted to be able to host this art installation at Winchester Cathedral to further show how science and religion can intertwine, having already seen examples of this when cathedrals across the UK were used as vaccination centres during the pandemic.

“Now, we’re opening our doors for a week of science, creativity and spirituality which will allow visitors to travel through the light artworks, set to bespoke music that will encourage them to think about the history of science, all whilst admiring the splendid architecture in this historic building.”

The installation is the creation of the award-winning collaboration of artists known as Luxmuralis, a collaborative team of artists from different backgrounds and artistic disciplines who create works across multiple media and presentation formats.

Luxmuralis artistic director, Peter Walker said: “Both myself and my colleague, composer David Harper are delighted to be bringing Luxmuralis' ‘Science’ son-et-lumiere to Winchester Cathedral. This is an immersive experience, which takes in almost every part of the magnificent cathedral interior and will allow those who visit to see the spaces throughout as never seen before.

Hampshire Chronicle: Winchester Cathedral, Luxmuralis

“It is designed for people of all ages and from all backgrounds, and will be one of the largest installations we produce to date. Our installations are about seeing things in new ways on a vast scale. We create these events with the aim of encouraging people to see the world differently.

“Spending time in the cathedral, immersed fully in sound and light, we hope people will be encouraged to engage with key moments in the history of science, seeing our world with a whole new perspective.”

The exhibition runs until March 12. Call the box office on 01962 857275.

Hampshire Chronicle: Winchester Cathedral, Luxmuralis