After reading what treats M&S was releasing ahead of Pancake Day, my tastebuds were more than ready for the challenge to review the range.

The major supermarket has revealed a considerable product line with everything from mixes and sauces to all kinds of spreads to sample.

Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day falls 47 days before Easter and is recognised as the final indulgent day before Lent - but I was more than happy to get indulging early.

Here's what I thought of M&S' Pancake products and how much it will cost you to flip your own.

M&S Pancake Day products review

Percy Pig Frying Pan

One of my favourite products in the collection is the Percy Pig Frying pan.

Hampshire Chronicle: Percy Pig Frying Pan. Credit: M&SPercy Pig Frying Pan. Credit: M&S

The pink £15 pan features Percy's iconic smirk and comes with a squeezy bottle to get that pancake batter right the first time.

As tempting as purchasing that Percy Pig pan was, I don't think I could face Percy after he saw my pathetic pancake-flipping skills.

But I must admit if I was a kid looking to get started in the kitchen - this frying pan would definitely be one way to tempt me!


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Now you can't have pancakes without your ingredients - and lucky for us, M&S is not short on choice. 

I opted for individual products since my eyes are usually bigger than my stomach and I don't have a large household.

M&S Pancake Party Gift Bag

Hampshire Chronicle: M&S Pancake Party Gift Bag. Credit: M&SM&S Pancake Party Gift Bag. Credit: M&S

However, the supermarket does offer an M&S Pancake Party Gift Bag which is ideal for families with children or plenty of mouths. 

The £25 gift bag features two pancake mixes, maple syrup and recipe cards to inspire your creations. 

The M&S Pancake Party Gift Bag includes: 

  • Pancake Shaker Mix (155g)
  • Natural Pecans (100g)
  • American Style Pancake Mix (400g)
  • Organic Canadian Maple Syrup (330g)
  • Crunchy Golden Blond Chocolate Spread (400g)
  • Raspberry Coulis (260g)
  • Recipe Cards
  • Cotton Drawstring Bag

Treat yourself to a Pancake Party Gift Bag by purchasing it online via the M&S website.


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Our thoughts on the M&S Pancake products

Instead of splurging on the full gift bag, I picked up some individual products from my local M&S store.

Although, the gift bag might have raised fewer eyebrows than I did with three different chocolate spreads!

Pancake Mix

Hampshire Chronicle: M&S Pancake Shaker mix. Credit: Rebecca CareyM&S Pancake Shaker mix. Credit: Rebecca Carey

If you're anything like me, I want to spend a minimum amount of time prepping my pancakes and as much time stuffing my face with them as I can. 

M&S has helped me realise my fuss-free dream with its Pancake Shaker Mix which couldn't have been easier to use and will only set you back £1.

And if you're looking for a Vegan-friendly alternative, there's also a Vegan Plant Kitchen version for £1 too.

Pancake Sauces and Toppings

Hampshire Chronicle: M&S Pancake Sauces and Toppings. Credit: Rebecca CareyM&S Pancake Sauces and Toppings. Credit: Rebecca Carey

At least to me, pancake sauces and toppings are what can make or break the perfect stack.

I couldn't resist the £3 Golden Blond Chocolate Spread and I wasn't disappointed either, the Caramilk-inspired spread was delicious on the pancakes but even better on toast the next day!

Determined to treat my tastebuds to something new, I opted for the Milk and Cookies Chocolate Spread which I picked up for £2.50.

Hampshire Chronicle: (left to right)  Milk and Cookies Chocolate Spread pancakes with toppings and Lemon Sherbet pancakes with toppings from M&S. Credit: Rebecca Carey(left to right)  Milk and Cookies Chocolate Spread pancakes with toppings and Lemon Sherbet pancakes with toppings from M&S. Credit: Rebecca Carey

If you're a fan of Oreos, you should not sleep on this sweet treat but if you prefer Nutella, I'd recommend its Plant Kitchen Smooth Hazelnut Chocolate Spread for £2.80.

And what would pancakes be without soaking them in sauces or syrups? 

Lemon juice is a family favourite in my house so that was obviously going in my basket but I was curious about how the £2 Lemon Sherbet Drizzle would stand up to it.

I must admit I might even make the change permanently - the sherbet drizzle was my favourite of the range.

The supermarket also stocks other classics like £1.30 Golden Syrup, £1.85 Honey and its Collection Canadian Maple Syrup which you can pick up for £6.

As much as I tried to buy the whole store, I did fall slightly short. 

There's something for everyone whether you fancy something fruity like the Really Raspberry sauce, something classic like the Sticky Toffee or if you never really grew up - there's the iconic Percy Pig sauce too.

Shop the entire pancake collection via the M&S website.