COUNCILLORS are to visit the site of a controversial proposed extension in Alresford.

Mr and Mrs Bristow have applied for a two-storey extension at their property at 44-46 Broad Street, sparking opposition from neighbours.

Broad Street consists of historic terraced buildings dating mainly from Georgian times.

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Next door neighbour Alicia Salter, addressing the committee, said the extension would harm her enjoyment of her back garden: "I'm strongly objecting to the proposal. It would destroy an amenity in constant use in the summer and seriously diminish daylight. We will be left with a dark claustrophobic tunnel in place of an open airy patio.

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"Neither the Bristows not the architect bothered to come round and examine the effect on our life. The Bristows bought a house inappropriate with their needs and should it go through I will be left with the equivalent of a prison courtyard."

There have been 12 objections citing the size of the extension is out of scale with the original dwelling and will "negatively affect the setting of the listed building and surrounding listed buildings".

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One letter of support was received by the council.

Simon Goddard, agent for the applicant, said there would be minimal impact on sunlight as the extension is to the north of Mrs Salter's garden.

Councillors on the planning committee were being recommended by their officers to approve the plan but the members voted by five to three to see the site for themselves on a date to be fixed.

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