A WINCHESTER production company has made a podcast about the time comedian Michael Jackson visited comedian Benny Hill in hospital.

Average Romp, a media production company in Brassey Road, has released the free drama podcast - an audio drama called When Michael Met Benny.

The podcast was inspired by a real-life meeting between Michael Jackson and Benny Hill, which took place 30 years ago when the British comedian and actor was visited by the popstar following a heart attack.

The two spoke for half an hour and made plans for Michael to star in a future TV series of The Benny Hill Show, before Benny passed away on April 20, just two months later.

The podcast centres on what may have happened in the hospital room.

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Jonathan Morris, who wrote the drama, said: "I heard about this unlikely meeting about 10 years ago, and immediately thought, 'there’s a play in that!'

"It could be the next Frost vs Nixon! And then I realised that if nobody else was going to write it, I should write it myself.

"It was just such an exciting idea and I couldn’t let it go. What would two such different people find to talk about? What would they find they had in common?

"It’s a very affectionate celebration of Benny Hill and his generation of comedians. Fans of Benny, classic comedy of the 60s and 70s, or biopics like Eric & Ernie will love it. It will make them laugh, it will make them cry, and they will learn about the man behind the legend.

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"With The Benny Hill Show now being repeated and still making headlines, there couldn’t be a better time to bring him back to life.”

The podcast stars Phil Nice from Broadchurch and Citizen Kahn.

Hampshire Chronicle: When Michael Met Benny by Average Romp

Phil said: "The idea of playing Benny Hill was initially somewhat daunting, but the premise of the piece was both intriguing and fascinating - a dramatisation of an actual meeting between two legends!

"I was able, through Jonathan's writing, to get a more nuanced view of Benny as he approached his final days and found the whole project immensely satisfying and lots of fun.”

Jonathan said: "It's exciting and going down extremely well. I was worried about how fans would take it, especially the Michael Jackson fans, but they appreciate I have done my research and they're amused and delighted."

When Michael Met Benny can be played at averageromp.com

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