No one loves their pubs quite like the Brits, and in years past nearly every town or city street was complete with its own local.

In many ways, pubs were the focal point for communities, and while in some cases that still rings true, the traditional pub seems to be a dying breed.

Rising tax on beer and increased competition for real estate has signalled the end for many a boozer, and the list of pubs which have fallen by the wayside is ever growing.

Winchester does seem to still be one of the last few strongholds, however, with research conducted last year revealing the city has the eighth highest ratio of pubs to people in the UK.

According to a study by, the city has one watering hole per 1,040 residents.

But that doesn't mean both Winchester and its surrounding areas haven't seen their fair share of casualties.

We asked you which one of those fallen pubs you missed having a drink in the most, and we've compiled a list of some of your former favourites. Prepare to feel nostalgic.

The Weeke Hotel/Chimneys, Winchester

Originally the Weeke Hotel before later becoming Chimneys, the historic pub was demolished in 2004.Hampshire Chronicle: The Chimneys, picture by Peter V. Facey (

The set of the Chimneys in Weeke. Photo: Peter V. Facey (

The Talbot Hotel

Formerly situated at 83 High Street, the pub, which was once called the Star Inn, was given its name in 1929. It is now being used as Belgarum estate agents.

Hampshire Chronicle: Belgarum estate agents, the former site of Talbot Hotel

Belgarum estate agents, the former site of Talbot Hotel

The South Western Inn, Winchester

Dating back to the 1800s and closed in 1992, this pub was the register office for births, deaths and marriages but is currently empty and awaiting new tenants.

Hampshire Chronicle: The former South Western Inn on Station Hill in Winchester

The former South Western Inn on Station Hill in Winchester

The Mash Tun, Winchester

The Eastgate Street boozer - also known as The Fighting Cocks and The Halcyon - closed in 2010 and was turned into a tapas bar before being converted into flats.

Rack and Manger

Closed in 2011, plans were submitted and approved for the pub on the main road to Salisbury near Crawley to be transformed into a private house.

Volunteer Inn, Twyford

The pub was converted to a private house in 1973, it was Grade II heritage listed in 1984 and in 2009 it even acquired a pub sign.

The Woodman Inn, Lower Upham

The Woodman Inn was closed in 2015, planning permission for houses at the site was later granted.

City Tavern, Winchester

The Jewry street pub was closed in the 80s and is now an estate agents.

Volunteer Arms, Alresford

A shop now occupies the space this pub used to be.

Savannah, Winchester

Yet a further Jewry Street pub permanently closed.

Mildmay Arms, Winchester

Closed in the 70s, the Eastgate Street site was converted into a veterinary clinic and is now being put to residential use.

The Newport Inn, Braishfield

The old-fashioned village pub (it never had a cash register) has been closed since hosting the death of popular landlady Janet Cook in 2013. Planning permission was later granted for it to be transformed for residential use.

Hampshire Chronicle: Janet Cook, who ran the Newport Inn, at Braishfield

Janet Cook, who ran the Newport Inn, at Braishfield

The Stanmore, Winchester

Now a care home at the top of Stanmore Lane, the pub was demolished in 2009.