People have been reacting to the news that Prince Charles tested positive for Covid and was unable to unveil the statue of Licoricia today.

Instead, the statue was unveiled by the Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire, Nigel Atkinson.

Steve Brine MP, said: "It's obviously frustrating that Prince Charles can't be here. There was an audible groan when the crowd were told that he wasn't able to come.

"He will come back to see it, I know he will. We're thrilled with the statue.

"Winchester is a city with such a story of its own and this is a story from Winchester which I don't think many people knew, I certainly didn't.

"Winchester has a strong tradition of multi-faith and we can see that today."

Terry Young, retired civil servant, said: "It was marvellous. I trust the Prince will be better soon. At least its not raining! All part of our wonderful culture."

Hampshire Chronicle: Terry Young, retired civil servant

Winchester uni student, Gianna Rosenthal: "I'm Jewish so was very excited. I thought it was really nice, the Rabbi's speech was really emotional and brought me to tears. It's so nice to see other people appreciate my culture."

Hampshire Chronicle: Left to right Katie Eldridge, Libbie Wakefield and Gianna Rosenthal

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Felicity Roe, director of Hampshire County Council, has announced the news of Prince Charles' Covid to the reception in the Great Hall: "His Royal Highness has just tested positive for Covid."

The news was greeted with laughter. Ms Roe added: "There are huge crowds in the centre of Winchester who will be very disappointed. In true British style, the Lord Lieutenant will step into the role."

Retired lecturer Sally Hardman, from Romsey, said: "I'm not too bothered because I was here for my daughter who helped design the banner and for the statue but it would have been nice to see Prince Charles."

Prince of Wales passed on a message relayed to the reception at he Great Hall: "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm so sorry I'm not able to be with you today. I'm desperately disappointed as I was looking forward to making a historic occasion with you."

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