MP Steve Brine quizzed government Ministers on school support staff recruitment during Education Questions in the House of Commons this week.

Mr Brine had been contacted by local headteachers, including Steve Jones of Perins School in Alresford, about the issue which is affecting special needs provision in schools across the area.

The MP said there had been a big increase in need as more and more students obtain EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plans) but there remains a significant shortfall in personnel at LSA and TA level.

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Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr Brine asked the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families, Will Quince, if he would meet him and heads from the constituency to talk about teacher recruitment and specifically the recruitment of student facing support staff.

“The main issue in schools across Hampshire at the moment is SEND provision”, he told MPs. “There is a major increase in need as more students obtain their education, health and care plans, but a significant shortfall in personnel, even though the funding is in place.”

The Minister said: “Schools have the freedom to recruit support staff to meet their own circumstances and last year they recruited 6000 more. Of course, I'd be very happy to meet with my friend to discuss this issue further.”


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