A replacement house has been approved to be built near Winchester after objections from a parish council.

The application was to build a replacement residential house with an accompanying garage at The Holding, Little Bull Lane, Waltham Chase.

Shedfield Parish Council objected to the plan, submitted by Ollie Duckworth, because they feared that a business would be running from the site.

Winchester City Council's planning committee did not have a representation from Shedfield Parish Council at the meeting.

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However a supporter, Eric Cox, said: “Shedfield Parish Council's main objection is, with respect, misguided. They state that the land is being used as individual storage and that a commercial business is operating there. That is incorrect. Mr Duckworth is a self-employed electrician and parks his work vehicle in his drive-way, as is common practise. The application is domestic only.

“All he wants is a house for himself, his parter and young family to live work in the area where they both grew up.”

Hampshire Chronicle: Proposed site at Little Bull Lane, Waltham Chase, photo Winchester City Council

The proposal's case officer, Nicola Clayton, made it clear that the old house would be demolished within three months of the new house being built.

Cllr Chris Edwards questioned whether the new house would be too large for the site.

Ms Clayton said: “It will be a three or four bedroom house where the family will live and work. I am satisfied that it is appropriate for the site.”

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Cllr Jane Rutter was in support of the application. She said: “I hope we have assured near neighbours that there is no question of overlooking, they have significant distance from the new dwelling. The garage window that overlooks the driveway opposite will be opaque. We've made it clear that any significant business use with the house or garden would need a separate application. I will be supporting the application.”

Cllr Roger Bentote said: “Shedfield Parish Council are not unhappy with the development. Concerns were to do with business on the premises. We have been assured this is not happening.”

All members of the planning committee voted for the application.


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