THERE are many different communities, groups and societies that make living in Winchester a nicer place.

Whether that’s the Winchester Litter Pickers, or the Winchester Dramatic Society, or the City of Winchester Trust, or the Winchester Art Club, living in a city is like being in one big melting pot. It’s how these groups and societies, who may be differing in likes, dislikes and needs, rub along that makes a place.

Now, with one of these communities at threat, the Hampshire Chronicle is proud to give a voice to all those who regularly use the skatepark at River Park as its future hangs in the balance.

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Yes, the council has a responsibility to make the city great, and to do the best for taxpayers, but it also has a responsibility to make sure nobody is sidelined, ignored or pushed out.

Now the people using the skatepark and its fantastic concrete bowl may not be regulars in the democratic process, or familiar faces at the city hall or at business groups, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. That facility is an asset to the city and it adds to the glorious array of different interests that make this city a thriving hub of culture.


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