A “fiercely independent” man from Colden Common died in hospital following a fall, an inquest heard.

Nicola Iarossi, of Church Lane, died on December 28, 2020, at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester.

The inquest heard that Mr Iarossi, 83, fell outside his home on December 17 and that passers-by called for an ambulance.

A family statement, provided by Mr Iarossi's son, Gino Iarossi, explained that he was a very indepedent man and refused home help.

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Also, that he had been diagnosed with vascular dementia in 2017.

Dr Debbie Lock from Twyford Surgery provided a statement which was read out by senior coroner Christopher Wilkinson.

It said that Mr Iarossi had been having recurring falls since 2018, but had consistently refused any help at home.

The inquest heard that Mr Iarossi had fallen on Tees Farm Road in Colden Common and that passers-by who found him called for an ambulance.

Mr Iarossi didn't report any injuries, although could not remember how he had fallen and was very cold.

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A statement from Dr Catherine Terry, consultant geriatrician at Royal Hampshire County Hospital, provided a statement about Mr Iarossi's admission to hospital which was read out by Mr Wilkinson.

It said that when he arrived, Mr Iarossi was hypothermic and had a worsening cough. His blood pressure dropped and he deteriorated before he died in the early hours of December 28.

Concluding, Mr Wilkinson said: “Mr Iarossi was a frail, elderly gentleman and his body temperature dropped between the time of his fall and when he was found.

“The cause of death is accidental death, from pneumonia contributed by the fall.”


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