QUESTIONS have been raised about plans on the diversion of Andover Road through the Kings Barton estate.

The Chronicle has reported that the county council is considering allowing buses to use Andover Road after the road was due to close to through traffic with the opening of the diversion through the 2,000-home development, also known as Barton Farm.

The diversion is due on completion of the 650th home, due in mid-2025.

Agreed several years ago, the diversion was controversial, moving a major road closer to many houses in the scheme. But it would have turned much of Andover Road into a cul-de-sac and allowed for a better cycling and pedestrian route.

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Senior city councillor Kelsie Learney questioned the idea of buses on Andover Road at the Kings Barton Forum. "The proposal to run high-speed buses down Andover Road doesn't seem to be compatible with that being a key cycle route into the city. How will that conflict be dealt with?"

Her question went unanswered with the forum discussing the need for a decision needing to be be made this year. The development schedule means that changes to the road layout at the Harestock Road junction needed to be decided this year, said Ian Curry, technical director of Cala Homes.


Kings Barton, <a href=Winchester Avenue">

Kings Barton, Winchester Avenue


Any changes to the road layout to allow for buses would require a new planning application by the county county council to the city council.

Andy Hickman, head of programme at the city council, said the buses would serve a new 800-space park and ride site on the north side of Winchester. It will be additional to a 200-space park and ride that Cala must built as part of the planning permission.

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He said the county council was looking at how Covid and home working may change the demand for the spaces. Sir John Moore Barracks was being considered as well as other sites, he said. "The number of spaces is not fixed. All the assessments were done pre-Covid but we have to have another look at that. It may mean a smaller car park but that work is ongoing."

Mr Hickman said the new car park would allow central car parks to be released for other uses. The Middle Brook Street car park is set to be the site of the relocated St Clement's Surgery and St Peter's, off Gordon Road, opened in the 1980s was only ever supposed to be temporary.

A new multi-storey car park off Barfield Close, with 287 spaces, has largely been completed with contractors applying the final touches.

The public consultation on the Winchester Movement Strategy, which includes park and ride, runs until February 4.

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