TWO pilots made a impromptu landing at Prince's Mead School and delighted the entire school.

As the children watched the balloon get closer overhead, they daydreamed that it would one day land in the grounds so they could get a close look.

A few minutes later, with permission from the headmaster Peter Thacker, they not only landed but then gave an impromptu STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) lesson to the children.

All the teachers allowed the children to enjoy this exciting moment and joined in with asking many questions to the flight crew.

Jonathan Greatrix, owner of Atmosphere Hot Air Balloons, told the school: "Thank you for the very warm welcome and the lovely cup of tea. We had as much fun as you!"

Heidi Lancaster, head of science, said: "It was a fantastic afternoon of spontaneity, the children went back in the classrooms eager to learn more about to make their own hot air balloons and how to fly them. STEM in action".


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Kimberley Barber