SIR: Boris Johnson must go. The sooner the better. Hopefully by the time this letter is published. Serial lying, false apologies and the inability to take responsibility are behaviours that Johnson has consistently produced in his careers as journalist and politician. Unfortunately for the country, these are not the behaviours needed for our prime minister.

At risk is not just the reputation of a tarnished Conservative Party but also the foundations of our strong liberal democracy. Johnson has a sense of entitlement worthy of a decadent Roman emperor. Any potential threats to curtailing his power are attacked. Over the last couple of years, we have seen attempts to reduce Parliament to a rubber stamp, attacks on judges and the rule of law, and more recently the BBC because it dared to shine a light on the party gate scandals. In the real world, outside the Number 10 party bubble, people are questioning why rules apply to them but not to the Downing St self-appointed elite. People are looking with disbelief at Johnson’s antics and his sense of entitlement.

Being a former electoral asset is all very well, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Delivery of competent government has not been a Johnson strong point. Brexit is still not sorted out, immigration still a problem, the cost of living has not gone away, and energy prices are increasing. I am sure that there will be a whole wage of populist policies, many of which reek of desperation, but there will be a lack of good solid competent policy which is what government is all about.

Johnson must go. He is a rule breaker and incompetent Prime Minister. He should do the country and all of us a favour.

Luigi Gregori

Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for North West Hampshire