MEON Valley MP Flick Drummond has raised her worries about smart motorways to Boris Johnson during Prime Minister’s Questions.

She has supported a halt to the building of the motorways and has previously expressed concerns about the M27 scheme that goes through her constituency.

Work on the smart motorway on the M3 between Southampton and Winchester has been stopped amid those safety concerns.

Ms Drummond asked the PM on Wednesday: “Last week many people welcomed the five-year moratorium on smart motorways. However, the M27 is due to be opened as a smart motorway in a couple of months.

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“What reassurance can my right honourable friend give my constituents, and others in the rest of south Hampshire, that the M27 will be safe, to give them confidence to use it?”

In reply Mr Johnson said: “I can assure my honourable friend that we are well aware of the risks associated with the smart motorway scheme. I know that my right honourable friend the Secretary of State for Transport is looking at it right now.”

Speaking afterwards Ms Drummond added: “It was important for me to raise smart motorways at PMQs. Initially, like many, I thought they could be a good response to congestion.

“The M42 pilot in Birmingham was very successful but I believe it could well be the case that the safety of subsequent smart motorway projects, including the M27, might not be to the same standard with fewer refuges and camera surveillance to spot broken down vehicles.

“I welcome the halt in building more while a very close look is taken on how they work and how safe they are. I will be speaking to the transport secretary about the M27 to seek assurances it will be safe.”

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