POPULAR TV show Rich House Poor House is filming a brand new series and they're looking for families in Hampshire to take part.

Show makers from the heart-warming Channel 5 show are casting families from Hampshire to take part in the new series, which airs in 2021.

The show, which gets an incredible average weekly viewing of 1.7 million per episode, is one of the most popular, family-friendly prime time TV series currently on air and is about to launch it’s series on seventh series this year.

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Each episode offers two families from either end of Britain’s wealth divide the chance to swap homes, budgets and lifestyles for one whole week in a real-life Air BnB experience. Whilst the two families’ bank balance and incomes might be zeros apart, the focus of the experience isn’t an examination of their personal financial circumstances, but rather a more holistic exploration of the difference their personal wealth plays in their day to day family life.

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Through their firsthand experience of living one another’s life over the five day swap, families are encouraged to consider just how much having money really matters when it comes to leading a happy, healthy life. Each family swap is also carefully considered, with the two families though seeming to have very little in common on the surface, always sharing several key qualities, backgrounds or interests, ensuring their experience is thought-provoking and full of relatable challenges. Both families always benefit from their swap in a positive, heartfelt way and many families continue to stay in touch for years after.

To apply, click the link here

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