SIR: Since the new year, Stagecoach have been utilising single decker buses on the 64 route from Alton to Winchester, which prior to Christmas was predominantly worked by double deckers during peak times. As such, it has been a thoroughly uncomfortable commute, especially since the buses in question have little to nothing in the way of legroom (I'm 6' 6") and the older style seats (which I have christened "backbreakers"). Stagecoach have told me that this is due to a shortage of double decker vehicles, but I have seen the 64-branded buses being utilised on short-haul runs to Stanmore as well as sitting empty in the bus station. What makes things worse is that school has now started again, meaning that the bus is often "full and standing" by Medstead, and in my opinion there is no way that can be safe.

Hopefully this is only temporary and things will be back to normal soon enough, but it currently seems as though a relatively comfortable commute is somehow too much to ask.

George Spencer

Anstey Road