SIR: Having read Martin Holmes letter in the paper (Letters, January 6), I can only agree with him that our MP should apologise about his ill-judged remarks about his fellow MPs and indeed Sir Chris Whitty.

I wrote to Mr Brine asking him to explain to me what had led him to hold the views that he does on Covid passports, the wearing of masks and the management of the pandemic in general. I received a most surprising response from him, dismissing my question out of hand, and indeed not even attempting any explanation as to why he holds the views that he does. His only reassurance was that he is sure that the majority of his 75,000 constituents feel as he does and he is speaking for them rather than me, and giving me a link to his speech in the Commons (which answered nothing).

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As I said in my reply to him, mine is one vote he has lost in his Winchester constituency. All I had asked for was a polite and rational response, and the one I got was anything but that. So disappointing.

Helen Etherington

St Swithun Street


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