SIR: Recently, a water company was fined tens of millions of pounds for pumping raw sewage into rivers; eventually flowing into the sea.

With billions earned by these companies, such fines are academic. There is the impression that executives responsible for such destructive decisions are unaffected by such penalties.

Through what seems to a lack of investment or care, water companies; in this case Southern Water, are responsible for continuing destruction of our cherished chalk-based rivers. The short and long term damage will be unprecedented.

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Time for action. I stress the critical necessity for all parties to bring the water companies to account and save our treasured waterways. Meetings to discuss meetings will not be sufficient. Such a meeting must be held urgently. No excuse.

Water companies must direct their high corporate earnings into creating effective systems to stop damaging our natural environment. And this must commence NOW.

What the poet Keats’ would have thought as he walked along the banks of his favourite River Itchen, I dread to think. Future generations will not forgive such a lack of responsibility.

Simon Lever

Juniper Close

Badger Farm