KFC recently published a list of possible new restaurants across Hampshire which will feature drive-thrus and includes Winchester.

Winchester is included in this list which says: “Winchester, Relocate, Drive Thru”.

However, it doesn't appear a new chain is coming any time soon, so the KFC on Upper Brook Street is unaffected.

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A KFC spokesperson said: “Sorry KFC fans of Winchester, we hate to disappoint, but this list is only speculative – no current plans to open a new restaurant in your area. But as the list proves, we’re always on the lookout for new sites so who knows what the future holds!”

According to the fast food giant, drive-thrus are the most popular assets to the company and don't require much extra space needed to fit them on a site, even when taking building conversions into consideration.

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Restaurant options are also being considered where drive-thrus cannot be accommodated, while “small boxes” can fit “into 1,000 sqft with a unique design while still offering customers a great experience”.

The fast food chain is planning to open 500 new stores across the UK.

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