Planning applications from week of December 26

Badger Farm

21/02954/HOU, Mr Frost, install conservatory at rear, 11 Barley Down Drive.

Colden Common

21/03238/TPO, Mr Butler, reduce oak trees, Hyland Edgar Driver Ltd, 1 Wessex Way.

Compton and Shawford

21/02978/LDP, John Venn, rear and two side extensions to bungalow, Four Dells Bungalow, Poles Lane.

21/03236/TPO, Mr Pitt, ash tree works, 1 Southdown Court, Southdown Road.


21/02872/HOU, Mr and Mrs Duncan-Smith, single storey extensions to north and west of house, increased ridge height of eastern roof and insertion of new dormer and demolition of existing garage and replacement with new garage and storage, Highfield House, Peach Hill Lane.

21/02901/HOU, Angie Gurner, timber garden room, Amberley Cottage, Peach Hill Lane.


21/03234/TPO, Marian Daniels, tree works, 34 Ashling Park Road.


21/02933/HOU, Melvyn Maskell, extension to the existing porch of summerhouse, 2 Belmore Cottages, Manor Road.

Kings Worthy

21/02972/HOU, Mr Alistair Gilbert, one and two storey side and rear extensions, replacement porch and replacement detached garage with room above, Bull Farm, Wisteria Cottage, Lovedon Lane.


21/02932/HOU, Mr and Mrs Allen, a series of extensions, internal alterations and the conversion of the existing garage to habitable space, Bradley Farm, Basingstoke Road.

New Alresford

21/02883/HOU, Peter Moore, storey and half rear extension, plus small single storey side extension, Glencraigh, New Farm Road.

21/02906/HOU, Kirsty Lewis, enlarging existing single story rear extension, 2 Hill Terrace.

21/02990/HOU, Steve Bristow, new enclosed porch, 1 Fob Down View, Arle Gardens.


21/03061/AVC, Asim Kayani, amendments to the position of signs A and B and changes to the branding and signage on the building, land at Berewood West of Waterlooville Houghton Avenue.

Oliver’s Battery

21/02877/HOU, Dr Ponsford, single storey rear extension and elevational alterations, 17 Sunnydown Road.


21/02717/HOU, Mr and Mrs Shepherd, demolition of part of the house retaining two outer walls, refurb the whole property to a five bedroom detached three storey house with a pool room attached matching the house and a double size detached garage with an annex above, Bishops Oak, Bishops Wood Road.

21/02999/HOU, Mr and Mrs Meiklejohn, first floor extension to existing house and two storey extension to rear and construction of a new oak framed entrance porch, Sunnybank, Vicarage Lane.


21/03232/TPO, Chris Attree, reduce birch tree, Birch Glade, Hill Coppice Road.


21/02692/HOU, Timothy Montagu, alteration to garden wall for larger gates to rear of property, 20 West End Terrace.

21/02779/FUL, Phil Webb, demolition of existing garage and replacement with new three bed detached dwelling, Barton Edge, Worthy Road.

21/02880/FUL, Ms Snow, changes to existing HMO including increase in occupancy from five persons to seven persons, conversion of integral garage/store into lounge/dining area and internal re-arrangement, 20 Sparkford Close.

21/02962/HOU, Mr and Mrs Wilks, front and rear extension and associated alterations to the dwelling, 2 Twiss Square.

21/03296/LIS, applicant not named, formation of fire escape to rear, with internal fire passive and active fire precaution measures - minor amendment to 21/00217/LIS, Eclipse Inn, The Square.


21/03231/TPC, Ivan Kileff, remove two dwarf apple trees and a dwarf plum tree, replace with two trees that will grow, Post Office, 5 Old Stoke Road.

Planning applications from of January 2


21/02399/LIS, Linsey Clarke, air conditioning condenser unit to be installed in roof gulley, 3 St Peter Street.

21/02799/HOU, Louisa Ellison, to repair the rear first floor property roof which has begun to leak with natural slate, 77 St Cross Road.

21/02800/LIS, Louisa Ellison, to repair the rear first floor property roof which has begun to leak with natural slate, 77 St Cross Road.

Old Alresford

21/03290/LDC, David Wakeham, C3 residential, Pinglestone Farm, The Old Stable Block, Abbotstone Road.