A VACCINE centre near Winchester recently passed 75,000 jabs.

Colden Common Vaccination Centre opened in December 15 2020 as a dedicated vaccination hub as a combined centre for Twyford, Bishops Waltham, Bishopstoke and Wickham surgeries.

One of the initial organisers was retired GP Mike Evans and Hayle Wade who is Practice Manager at Twyford surgery. But once up and running at an early stage the organisation was taken over by Jo Beresford and Claire Jennings.

Some staff were retired nurses, physios, doctors and paramedics. There were the clinicians, who were responsible for the medical overview on a daily basis, receptionists checking appoints and stewards who were outside in all weathers.

Retired nurse, Penny Hegan said: “There was then a huge process arranging the vaccine and appointments. The patients who came in all weathers mostly with a smile and very happy to be there, some of whom were very frightened of needles but still came!

“It was sometimes very tiring but the staff were some of the nicest people I’ve worked with during my 45-year career in the NHS. I have enjoyed it so much and will be able to look back on it with such pride and pleasure in the future.

“The bungalow will close sadly at the end of January. I sincerely hope we never need to do anything like it in the future!”

On January 4, the centre passed a total of 75,000 jabs.