Meal kits boxes have proved to be a bit of a phenomenon in the last few years, offering high-quality and tasty food.

Gone are the days of a ready meal from the supermarket for many people as meal kit boxes allow those who may not have the time to prepare a proper meal to really enjoy their lunches and dinners.

Plus, many of them are often quite healthy as well so you don't need to sacrifice a balanced diet to enjoy them.

Due to the huge success of this area of the industry there are a lot of meal kit companies to choose from who all offer a great product so we've rounded up some of the deals you can get from HelloFresh to Mindful Chef and more.

What are the best meal kit box deals available right now?


HelloFresh might be one of the more well-known names behind the meal kit phenomenon and offer a huge range of dishes you can order.

On their website you can customise the number of people you are catering for as well as the number of recipes you want per week.

Categories for meals include Veggie, Calorie Smart, Global Flavours, Family Friendly and more.

Meals can start from just £3.25 per person, with an example pricing set being at £26.99 for three meals for two people per week.

If you fancy tucking into Tyme Roasted Chicken or Spicy Pork and Spinch Ragu you can visit the HelloFresh website here.


Gousto are another solid option, and have received endorsement from Joe Wicks among other people.

They currently have a deal on for new customers, who can get 60% off their first box and 30% off all boxes in their first month.

To make the most of this deal, head over to the Gousto website right here.

Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef are a meal kit box with an emphasis on nutrition and say you can have "feel-good energy guaranteed".

They currently have a deal on where customers can get £10 off their first and second meal box.

If you want to try dishes like Mexican hake with black beans & guacamole or Caribbean sweet potato curry with black rice then go to the Mindful Chef website here.


Feastbox is another option that can provide "premium authetic ingredients" and flavours from all around the world.

They have a whole range of quick frozen meals as well as large sharing boxes for different cuisines such as Korean, Indian, Japanese and Indonesian.

Plus, they have been experimenting recently with a whole host of vegan dishes for Veganuary.

On your very first order you can save 30% off, so to make the most of that deal go to the Feastbox website here.