SIR: The vaccine “passports” seem to be past their usefulness. Any unvaccinated person who has had Covid is at least as well protected as a vaccinated person, and with the omicron wave that includes a lot of the population.

The testing and isolation rules too seem to have become counter-productive. Venues are shut, the NHS disabled, public transport on skeleton services, and schools are going part time – again. The ‘rules’ have become the problem.

Perhaps it is time to restore normal practices. If a person is not ill, then get to work. If ill, then stay home until the fever has passed.

What virtue is there in staying off longer?

Critics will ask about the two days of being infectious before falling ill. It takes Test and Trace more than two days to get to you. And carriers? Well there’s a problem as ‘asymptomatic’ implies that one cannot be infectious. The ‘asymptomatic carrier’ is the ghost brought out by some medics when a source has not been found.

I loved the Prof. Whitty phrase “a definite possibility”. Hardly a poker table bet then? Medics have their own agendas and cannot be taken as impartial, sadly.

Surprisingly, our MP Steve Brine has called this one correctly.

James Anderson,

Wrights Close,

South Wonston

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