SIR: I write in support of Dr David Murdoch (Letters, December 30) and his considered and measured criticism of our MP’s unwarranted and ill-judged comments about the Chief Medical Officer for England, Professor Sir Chris Whitty.

Earlier in the coronavirus pandemic many politicians praised the public for using their common sense in adjusting their behaviour as well as abiding by the rules. Now, as case numbers take off again and the NHS once more faces the very real prospect of overload, but there are few rules, sound common sense advice is all the more necessary. Mr Brine appears to think otherwise. Indeed, his outburst suggests that he places the short term challenges to the hospitality industry above the health of his constituents and the sustainability of the health service and shows an unwelcome contempt for apolitical expert advice that does not fit with his own agenda. That is a decision for him, although he is supposed to represent the interests of all his constituents, but in criticising the greatly admired Professor Sir Chris Whitty he once again finds himself at odds with the general mood.

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The announcement of the Chief Medical Officer’s knighthood, along with the honours for his colleagues, has been universally applauded. Mr Brine would do well to reconsider his remarks and offer an apology.

Martin Holmes,

Culverwell Gardens,


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