Badger Farm

21/02830/HOU, Sarah Emmins, front and rear single storey extensions, minor internal alterations, re-landscaping of rear garden and additional car parking space in front garden, 10 Rances Way.

Bishops Sutton

21/03085/LIS, Peter Mills, reconstruction of collapsed external wall; underpinning to external wall; repairs to roof structure; repairs to crack in brickwork; new chipboard floor decking/strengthening to structural floors, Bassetts Farm House, North Street.

Bishops Waltham

21/02837/HOU, Maewyn Cumming, single storey side extension, demolition of existing garage and external alterations, 1 Shore Lane.

21/02873/HOU, Mr and Mrs Clephan, single storey side extension and relocation of an existing greenhouse, 19 Hamble Springs.

Colden Common

21/02991/LDC, Richard E Morris, the building has been used as a workshop continuously for over 10 years, Stoke Common Farm, Bishopstoke Lane.


21/03135/TPC, Jennifer Leech, removal of pine and fir tree, Highfield House, Peach Hill Lane.


21/02703/HOU, Zoe O'Doherty, single storey rear and side extension, Headley Villa, 50 Mill Road.

21/02781/HOU, Charles Derham, re-site middle front dormer, increase rear dormer width and front/rear canopy, Capelands, Uplands Road.

21/03127/TPO, Barry Taylor, oak tree works, Copt Heath, Hambledon Road.

Kings Worthy

21/02835/HOU, Mr and Mrs Gartside, conversion of a single storey garage to a single storey habitable outbuilding for elderly relative, 109 Springvale Road.

Littleton and Harestock

21/02782/HOU, Dr and Mrs Mishra and Mr Misra, single storey side extension, 1 Rewlands Drive.

21/02821/HOU, Mark Welch, single storey front extension, Ockley House, Hilden Way.

21/02831/HOU, Ms Lejette, new extension between house and garage; new bifold doors to side elevation and garage conversion, replacement windows to house, Airth House, South Drive.

21/02889/FUL, applicant not named, erection of six dwellings with associated parking, turning space, landscaping and private amenity space, following demolition of existing dwelling, Tree House, 4 Larg Drive.

New Alresford

21/03142/TPC, Shaun Barnett, clear all saplings along railway embankment consisting of hazel, ash, sycamore, Alresford Methodist Church, Jacklyns Lane.

21/03143/TPO, Mr Tiplady, tree works, Linnets Cottage, Tichborne Down.

21/03166/TPC, A Lovejoy, tree works, 4 Edward Terrace, Sun Lane.

21/03170/TPO, Mrs Pooley, prune beech trees, 8 The Mulberries, Station Approach.


21/03129/HOU, Andrew Houston, garage conversion (retrospective), 42 Laxton Leaze.

Old Alresford

21/02758/HOU, Stuart Adlam, garage conversion, Meadow Down, Basingstoke Road.

Olivers Battery

21/02828/HOU, Colin Burville, first floor extension over existing single storey lounge to provide sitting room, addition of small flat roof porch canopy to front door, replacement of existing pitched roof finishes with artificial slate and part rendering to existing walls, 1 Lisle Close.


21/02895/HOU, Mr Wheeler, demolition of existing single storey carport, and repositioned south east towards heath road, along with minor alterations to principle elevation, Briar House, Heath Road.

21/02943/HOU, Adam Cordery, addition of three pitched dormers to the front pitched roof of chalet bungalow, Pippins, Chapel Road.

Southwick and Widley

21/02732/HOU, Jessica Hall, single storey side extension and two storey rear extension, Wanstead Farm, Belney Lane.

South Wonston

21/02846/HOU, Mr and Mrs Miles, to replace existing conservatory roof with a solid roof, 22 Pine Close.


21/03159/FUL, Duncan Faires, development of four dwelling houses comprising two two-bedroom dwellings and two three-bedroom dwellings plus associated car parking and garden amenity, land adjacent to 6 Witherbed Lane.


21/02766/HOU, Mr and Mrs Percival, construction of timber tree house including raised platform and stair access (retrospective), The Birches, Hundred Acres Road.


21/02628/FUL, ME Leisure, installation of extraction system on rear elevation, 56 St Georges Street.

21/02684/FUL, Property Services, installation of a dormer access door to provide access for maintenance work to the Air Handling Unit within the main roof space and installation of seven heating ventilation and air-conditioning units at roof level with proposed acoustic screening to minimise sound pollution from the proposed units, Citygate, Jobcentre Plus, City Road.

21/02723/FUL, StPaul, proposed new external signage, St Pauls Church, St Pauls Hill.

21/02724/AVC, StPaul, new internally illuminated signage, St Pauls Church, St Pauls Hill.

21/02772/FUL, Rupert Cook, amendment to condition two and three of application 12/02667/FUL, to change the boundary from a rednder wall to a brick wall, 11 Clifton Hill.

21/02776/HOU, Adrian Todino, first floor rear extension and replacement rear ground floor door opening, 21 Wharf Hill.

21/02847/HOU, Mark Watson, ground floor rear extensions and first floor rear extension, 65 St Catherines Road.

21/02861/FUL, Mr and Mrs Francheska and William Pattisson, demolition of side extensions, construction of new side extension, reconstruction of existing veranda, reconstruction of two existing dormers and new dormer, 5 Compton Road.

21/02881/HOU, Mr and Mrs Hayward, single storey rear, side and front extension, 55 Teg Down Meads.

21/03115/LIS, Brendan Kelly, external and internal works comprise of: repainting existing shop front; new store signage replacing existing; new ground floor stud partition walls and flooring; new lighting scheme, modifications to HVAC systems, Starbucks Coffee, 31 High Street.

21/03138/TPC, Kim Larcombe, fell robinia tree, Moberlys House, 69 Kingsgate Street.

21/03139/TPC, Mr Larcombe, fell goat willow tree, 68 Kingsgate Street.

21/03171/TPO, Mr Williams, remove portuguese laurel plants, 16 Chilbolton Avenue.