FOOTAGE has been shared of the moment police officers were threatened with an imitation firearm by a man who was fighting eviction from his home in Winchester.

On Wednesday, Richard Kempson, formerly of Andover Road, was jailed for two years after police feared for their life when he pointed an air pistol at them.

Now, following Kempson’s sentencing, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has shared body-worn video camera footage from officers at the scene.

It shows officers attending Kempson’s home in Mountbatten Court on August 25, this year, after they were called to a public order incident involving the 61-year-old damaging plant pots and being aggressive to a female resident.

The footage shows a brief moment of Kempson, wearing just shorts, pointing a gun at the pair of officers, before they retreat and shout “firearm firearm”.

During the sentencing, Winchester Crown Court was told that when officers arrived, Kempson refused them entry to his flat, so a master key was sought. As police tried to enter, he shouted “if you come in here there is going to be trouble” and “go away or there is going to be blood down here”.

Following the initial contact, a number of police were involved in negotiations with Kempson. He was not arrested until 10pm when a siege, involving large number of officers in riot gear, took place – more than 30 hours after officers were initially called.

Judge Jane Miller QC said that when police entered the flat three knives were found and an axe on the sofa.