SIR: I had a deja vu moment this morning when I read Roger Malyn’s letter (Chronicle, December 9) relating to a parking fine levied at his friend for overstaying the parking time at a branch of Aldi.

My friend had an identical experience when she visited Aldi’s Amesbury branch. She overstayed the free parking time and received a parking fine which included a photograph of her on arrival. My friend decided to pay the initial amount due £40 (if paid immediately) and sent her cheque together with a copy of her receipt which showed she had in fact been shopping the whole time Aldi claimed. She also included a letter stating she had been unaware of the short time permitted for free parking.

Fortunately within a short time she received a communication from Aldi's parking contractor Parking Eye which enclosed a full refund of the £40 fine. It may well be Mr Malyn’s friend should speak with the store again or contact Parking Eye confirming the parking ticket had been taken by a member of Aldi staff. Good luck!

Lorraine Bennett,

Lyndhurst Road,