SIR: I refer to Belgarum’s column (Chronicle, December 9) where he/she queries the number of bus stops in City Road. Are there too many? The answer is “no”.

I appreciate they are not very attractive and I sympathise with the residents of the houses immediately looking down on them but they are essential.

There are four junctions leading off City Road used by buses, ie Station Hill, Stockbridge Road, Andover Road and Worthy Lane (branching off from Andover Road).

All these lead to destinations provided by public transport ie Oliver’s Battery and Romsey (Station Hill), Teg Down, Stockbridge (Stockbridge Road), Andover (Andover Road) and Kings Worthy, Itchen Abbas, Worthy Lane, leading to Worthy Road.

There are so many other destinations I haven’t mentioned, but, believe you me, there are many more surrounding areas where passengers rely on catching a bus at one of the stops in City Road. There I rest my case.

Having aired my views I wish Belgarum, the editor and staff of the Hampshire Chronicle a Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year. This applies to all readers and subscribers of the paper.

Phil Yates,

Tower Street,