AN AXFORD resident is once again raising concerns about a country road near her home after its “death trap” condition has reportedly led to seven cars sustaining tyre punctures on  Saturday morning.

A previously reported, Stacy Cole, has voiced worries about the condition of Duxford Lane, which runs between Axford and Dummer, with the current road crumbling at either side near Poasley Farm.

Speaking previously to the Gazette, the Chronicle's sister paper, she said: “It is quite a busy road and if it rains then a lot of people cut through this way to go to Alton. It has been like it for about two years and the road has now deteriorated.

“At the moment it’s like a death trap and at the moment you are trying to drive on the middle of the road because both sides have sunk in.

“There have been so many near misses and then last year it was just terrible. People just misjudge it and then they get punctures and everything.”

Stacy called on Hampshire County Council to fill the hole, and is now renewing her plea as poor weather conditions have led to flooding and seven cars ended up with punctured tyres in a single morning.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous,” she said. “It’s ready for its next victims as people must drive to the side.”

Hampshire County Council previously told the Gazette that its Highways team would “look into the issue raised”, with a spokesperson adding: “We are always grateful to receive reports of highway issues from residents, via our online reporting system, so that we can inspect, prioritise and programme repairs accordingly.”