A FREE Christmas lunch is being offered to anyone who may be alone this year or who has just simply not made plans.

Organisers of the Shared Christmas Dinner, Amy Boiles, Sue Kent and Nick Turner are looking forward to adding a special touch to someone’s Christmas this year by inviting people to spend Christmas Day with them at the Lockerley and East Dean Village Hall.

What began as just an idea on how to bring more people to the hall has now turned into a real community effort with local businesses and residents offering their support.

Nick Turner, managing director at Right at Home Mid Hampshire has offered to fully fund any expenses accrued by the event and businesses and local residents have come together to offer donations.

So far, a 9ft Christmas tree has been donated by The Veg Shed, and volunteers have offered to decorate the hall, provide napkins, and bake cakes for the big day.

Wine, turkey and veg has also been donated as well as gifts for those who can make it.

Amy said: “This was actually Nicks idea. We just want to put some smiles on peoples faces, we want to get the local children to make Christmas cards, just make it as special as possible.

“It’s going to be a really big day and it’s for any age, even if you’re a couple with no plans and wanted to get out for a Christmas dinner, that’s fine and it’s not only for the village but for the surrounding areas.”

The hall has access for disabilities and the organisers have arranged free transport for anyone who needs it with people arriving at around 12.45pm for lunch to be served shortly after.

Amy said how important it was for any obstacles that may affect someone attending to be removed.

The organisers have all received two Covid vaccinations and the hall will be well ventilated on the day with other precautions such as sanitiser available. She added: “I can’t even see a problem with dogs, as long as they behave.”

The trio of organisers are looking forward to a collaborative Christmas lunch and those wanting to attend or get further information are asked to call Amy on 07411434360 or email amyboiles@hotmail.com