A THIEF has been captured on film stealing Christmas presents from the back of a car near Winchester.

He was photographed breaking into the vehicle in Itchen Abbas on Saturday afternoon.

The victim's family have sent the Chronicle the images in the hope someone may recognise the offender.

The victim, visiting family members in the village and who asked not to be named: "It was very upsetting, of course, both the loss of all the kids presents which had obviously been chosen with love and care and then the damage and inconvenience of a smashed car window with a long journey ahead of us.

"It’s a strong reminder not to leave anything of any value visible in a car".

Hampshire Chronicle:

He explained what happened: "My wife and I live near Oxford and had been on a small break to Bath and Frome where we bought Christmas presents for our children and grandchildren and various garments for us. They were still in the car, one of the back seats was down (for our little dog’s basket) and the bags were on the floor behind the drivers seat, only partly hidden.

"We intended to put them away but made a very short trip from our daughters house in Easton to Itchen Abbas to go to the kids’ school fete at the village hall. The car park was full so I parked in front of the church in Avington Lane with several other cars.

"My car has eight cameras, four of which are activated by proximity sensors and record video of anyone approaching - front, back or either side. It also displays a big, red warning on the big screen on the dashboard telling anyone they are being recorded. If someone breaks in it plays blasts of music on full volume through all 12 of the speakers so they don’t hang around for long.

"I have clear video of the thief trying the doors and peering in to four or five of the cars as well as mine, then returning to the car that brought him to get a special hammer and then running back to smash my car’s window and leaning in to grab the bags before running back to his getaway car. His bobble hat was very distinctive - brown and cream with big cream letters around it saying ‘OddBaLLS’. He wore black Nike sneakers with white soles and a light grey NorthFace jacket."

UPDATE: Soloman Percy Biddle, 35, of Lockerley Road in Havant, was arrested in connection with this incident yesterday (December 9).

He has been charged with theft from motor vehicle and remanded in custody.

Biddle is due to appear before Basingstoke Magistrates Court this morning, December 10.