The Times They Are A-Changing!

So Folk Singer Bob Dylan sang in 1964, showing his awareness of civil rights movements, antiwar protesting and poverty, yes sadly, it has always been there!

We all welcome the changes during 2021 which have seen a relaxing of restrictions and a move back to a more familiar lifestyle, whilst being mindful that Covid is here to stay and making small changes to keep ourselves and others safe.

And it is changes in our daily lives that will make the difference towards the Climate Emergency. This year has shown us that it is the “Biggest challenge” that we all face.

It is the choices and actions, during this next decade, that each of us will make, that will be crucial to Save the Planet for the next generations.

Enjoy celebrating the Christmas season as we move forward into 2022 with hope and purpose to do what we do best, work together and respond positively to this challenge to ‘Heal our World’.

“A happy Christmas and a safe and healthy new year”

Cllr Celia Dowden

Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group at Test Valley Borough Council