PEOPLE gathered outside Winchester Cathedral in memory of those who died trying to cross the Channel to the UK.

On November 24, 27 refugees died when the boat they were travelling in capsized as they tried to reach the UK.

Members of the Southampton and Winchester Visitors Group (SWVG) held a candle vigil last Saturday to remember those who lost their lives and raise awareness of the asylum process.

Jenny Corrick, a member of SWVG, said: “People are really moved by this horrendous accident, something which many people have felt was likely. People have been saying we have got to stop these journeys because they are so dangerous.”

She continued: “We agree with the government that there is need for reform, we don’t believe current policy and legislation that is proposed is the right response.”

Ms Corrick said that the government’s “aggressive stance” is drawing many people away from the dangerous route of trying to get across by hiding in a lorry to even more dangerous routes – travelling across the Channel in a boat.

The group wants to make the process of seeking asylum more humane and compassionate.

“The majority of the British public want a fair, compassionate way of allowing people to state their case and allowed time to state their case clearly and properly.”

The group will hold another event on December 17. During the day there will be a stall in the High Street with images of those who have joined its Show Your Heart Campaign locally, followed by a lantern parade at 4pm.