SIR: Covid, politicians and councillors will not close these memories of Winchester down. The Bus Tea Rooms in The Broadway, the smell of the tea urns, the rexine covered seats split with horse hair filling showing through. King Alfred conductors including Blondie with her mittens and rimless glasses, Rex with his immaculate moustache and Brenda hanging off the rail on the open backed bus in all weathers to wind up the net journey number.

King Alfred Boys club with their Christmas Santa deliveries, who made lifelong friendships over the years. Other pub and club communities beware the Hayes and Wetherall ladies and many others whose dart teams played with great rivalry and panache.

The lido pool and Mr Abraham now once again in the limelight. The lido Friday nights with Mr Pragnell where many future stars and romances began.

Bull Drove and school swimming lessons, the beautiful glass bottles in the chemist's window. Allen's sweets, the sugar candy were to die for.

The pet shops, one with a ‘beware the parrot’ sign, another with kittens and other pets in the window to watch.

St Cross brothers seen in the street wearing their red and black caps and gowns, proud of our heritage and history, along with many local characters.

Don't forget our ghosts.

Florence Nightingale who haunts the chapel at the RHCH. Alice Lisle who sweeps through The Square, to name just a couple.

Firework night bonfire on The Arbour Elf and Safety POW!

The rattle of the Chronicle press in Hammond Passage. Printed to perfection I might add. Also banter with friends passing about whose cricket team plated best that week.

Last but not least, if King Alfred drops his sword what reason or warning did your parents give you? Yes or no to a virgin passing by or some other person's misdemeanor causing harm to the city coffers or citizens watch this space or sword. Maybe I made this extra reason up.

Margaret Grant,

Buriton Road,