A BUSINESSWOMAN from West Wellow has launched an innovative product with the aim to keep her clients informed of what looks good on them.

Fiona Mobbs has specialised in personal styling and colours for over a decade, building a successful business, “Your Colour & Style”.

This month, she has taken the step to grow her business further by launching a versatile product that she hopes will appeal to individuals and fellow image consultants alike.

Fiona said: “All image consultants hope that their clients will remember the colours and tips that we have taught them, but the reality is that we are all just human and we do sometimes slip. I wanted to create a new product that is easy to use to help keep my clients motivated. I believe that my ‘Confidence with Colour and Style Cards’ will do just that.”

After months of hard-work and product development, Fiona launched the cards to fellow industry professionals and her loyal clients on November 11.

The launch party took place at The Potter’s Heron Hotel, near Winchester, and was an opportunity to show the cards off for the first time.

Sue, a client of Fiona’s who attended the launch event said: “I think these are a brilliant idea. I had my colours done by Fiona a few years ago and I try to stick with what she taught me as it has made my wardrobe so much easier to wear but I think these cards will give me a little reminder if I ever need it. It will be like having Fiona’s advice to hand all the time.”

Tailored to suit the four colour seasons (spring, summer, autumn, or winter), each pack contains thirty-one cards, all with a different colour tip or style insight. Fiona has distilled her years’ experience into a handbag-sized ‘cheat sheet’.

Fiona anticipates that it won’t just be her existing clients who will want to purchase a set of cards.

She said: “I have intentionally taken a light touch with my own branding on the cards as I know they will also appeal to my fellow image professionals, as well. We all want to leave our clients feeling confident and what better way to do that? Our industry is great at adopting new ideas in style and fashion so I think they will really welcome this new product too.”

‘Confidence with Colour and Style Cards’ are available to purchase via Fiona’s website at https://www.yourcolourandstyle.com/confidence-with-colour-style-cards/.