SIR: How heartening to see local residents showing their appreciation of one of our vital workers (Chronicle, November 25).

But postman Ian Ruddle’s fan club extended much wider than St Faith’s Road – we always looked forward to his visit and will miss him. I am sure that everyone would agree that his presence in our community brought real benefit to residents which went way beyond delivering our mail.

And, moreover, an even bigger bonus, how nice to have a photo of a spontaneous local event without our local MP dominant centre stage, taking advantage of the occasion. In fact it occurred to me that since some MPs have recently advocated gaining experience that they can usefully bring to their day job as an MP they could do nothing better than to sign up with Royal Mail. In this way they could get to know their constituents, who do a wide variety of real jobs, first-hand. Better surely, than finding themselves ‘obliged’ to take overpaid jobs acting as consultants and strategic advisers, which are of no use to anyone except themselves, and presumably the company which pays them handsomely.

There are other jobs of course, which might give them similar insights that would be of use in governing the country but few that would appear to hold out any attraction for our MPs. I wonder why?!

Andrea Owen,

Culverwell Gardens,