SIR: I was disappointed not to be able to attend local events, which took place last weekend in support of refugees.

I’m of German descent myself and know many others, who have non-English roots. This makes the attitude of some members of our mongrel nation, even harder to understand. Maybe I listen to too many phone-ins or “divide and rule” ministerial statements but I’ve become increasingly alarmed at the nationalist rhetoric whipped up by fake facts about refugees and asylum seekers. Blaming incomers for lack of housing, pressure on health services, schools etc. may suit a government, which fails to make any meaningful investment in its much-touted “levelling up” policies but surely recent history shows us where encouraging a fear of foreigners leads.

So I would like to thank the Southampton and Winchester Visitors’ Group, who organised last Saturday’s vigil at Winchester Cathedral and all those who braved the weather to remember the men, women and children, who tragically died attempting to cross the Channel in search of safety and the prospect of a better life for their families. I shall certainly hope to join the SWVG for the next event in the city on December 17.

Karen Barratt,

Byron Avenue,