MORE than 2,500 complaints were made against Hampshire Constabulary in a year.

Police watchdog the IOPC has published its annual report, which uses data from April 2020 to the same month in 2021.

In this period, 2,553 allegations were made against the county force – with the vast majority being in relation to police powers, policies and procedures.

The report also shows 359 complaints were made against the behaviour of individual officers.

A spokesperson for Hampshire Constabulary said: "We work extremely hard as an organisation to ensure people understand the standards of behaviour expected of them and we have clear processes in place for our workforce to confidently challenge on the occasions where behaviours fall below that which is acceptable.

"We have a comprehensive training programme through our professional development programmes and our diversity, equality and inclusion plans, which we have in every command and department in force to drive our expectations at all times.

"We also know that our workforce do call out unacceptable behaviours and our internal confidential reporting systems are trusted and used in situations where raising concerns with managers isn’t an option."

This interactive map details the number of complaints and the reasons they were made:

By April 2021, 939 of these had been finalised, or dealt with, which is 36.7%.

Across Wales and England, available data suggested that the majority of those making complaints against the police were white men aged between 30-39 (though ethnicity and age went unrecorded in 41 percent and 21 percent of cases, respectively).

Taking these figures into account, white people were underrepresented in the complaint statistics: According to the latest available government data, 86 percent of the Wales and England population is white. However, just 47 percent of police complaints were made by white people.

To contrast, Black people make up just 3 percent of the population, but made up 4 percent of complaints.

Similarly, people recorded with the ethnicity “other” - which can include people of Arab descent and Gypsy Roma Traveller people – were overrepresented in the police complaints data three times over.