SIR: In your coverage of the work on the beech tree on Oram's Arbour (on web November 13, Chronicle, November 18) you quote a city spokesman as saying, "We are also going to continue looking at replacement tree planting across the whole Arbour as and when appropriate". It is never going to be appropriate to put more trees on the Arbour. In the last 40 years the number of trees has doubled, cutting into the area available for informal play.

Some years ago, the city council agreed that they would not replace trees from the row along the western edge of the Arbour alongside Clifton Road and planted a second row of trees set well back, where they wouldn't damage the road. This obviously got forgotten as the gaps in the original row have been now been filled in with saplings.

The Arbour is a wonderful historical site, part of an iron age hill fort, and an area for civic recreation since the Victorian period. It is not a site for a young forest.

Dick Selwood,

North View,

Oram's Arbour,