SIR: An open air Lido in the River Park would not just be for the `wild swimmers`: it would be a wonderful asset for everyone in and around Winchester.

While travelling through France some years ago with a young family, every town seemed to have a lido which was a fun venue for all ages. As soon as the weather turns warm, people seek out water - not some stuffy, noisy indoor swimming pool (with respect to the new pool at Bar End which is of course a superb facility).

I was fortunate enough to be able to take my children to the old outdoor pool at St Swithun's, and we had happy times. The children could play with their friends and the grown-ups could chat while keeping an eye on their little darlings. Safe, healthy fun.

These days I take my grandson to the lido in Lewes, East Sussex, which is a well loved community amenity.

And what are we offered instead by this council? Nothing, actually. An extension to Southampton University.

So on behalf of everybody, I ask the city council to re-consider and do right by the community. Or is it already too late and they have taken the easy option.

Annie Saunders,

East Street,