ACTION is in the pipeline to clampdown on speeding and noisy motorcyclists in the Meon Valley.

Residents along the A32 and A272 frequently report chronic noise pollution from motorbike riders.

A meeting of the county council reported that the police and crime commissioner Donna Jones has been in discussions with the police and they are working on proposals for average speed cameras on parts of the A272 and the A32.

City and county councillor Hugh Lumby, who represents part of the Meon Valley, said: “Average speed cameras are something many residents have been requesting for years so this is really welcome news. It does also show that a change in police and crime commissioner can make a real difference, a big thanks to Donna Jones for her support.”

Cllr Lumby said the answer would be acoustic cameras, triggered by noisy machines. “But these cameras on their own won’t solve the issue. It’s a great first step but more will be needed. Acoustic cameras across the area, measuring noise, could be a real game changer. We need to Winchester and East Hampshire councils to work together to did a way to make this happen and get it up and running.”