Bishop's Waltham

21/02473/FUL, Deborah Beeson, replacing existing fences, Bishops Waltham Palace, English Heritage, Station Road.

21/02484/HOU, Mr and Mrs Donovan, oak canopy with oak posts on brick piers, 2 Hillside Wintershill.

21/02492/HOU, Andy Knight, two storey side extension and replacement single storey rear extension, 6 The Priory.

21/02555/HOU, Dean Stoneman, first storey rear/side extensions, first floor balconies, roof alterations and front porch extension, Three Oaks Kennels, Botley Road.

Colden Common

21/02440/FUL, Gary King, extension and conversion of the existing single dwelling into two new semi-detached houses and the construction of two new semi-detached houses at the land to the rear of the property, Middlecote, Lower Moors Road.

Compton and Shawford

21/02754/TPO, Robin Sharpe, tree removal and replacement, Shawford Lodge, Bridge Lane.

21/02795/TPO, Mr Roope, tree works, Beechwood, 5 The Spinney.


21/02618/TPC, Angie, remove ash tree, Amberley Cottage, Peach Hill Lane.

21/02884/TPO, Angie, reduce yew tree, Amberley Cottage, Peach Hill Lane.


21/02518/HOU, Gemma Hayes, double storey side extension with hipped roof, 2 Hillside, The Copse, Kitnocks Hill.


21/02315/FUL, Chris West, hip to gable roof alteration, one and two-storey rear extensions with gabled and flat roof dormer over creating third-floor loft conversion accommodation, Daveneer, Hambledon Road.

21/02470/LDP, Surefix Improvements, new build orangery, Woodlands, Upper Crabbick Lane.

21/02510/HOU, Mr Tyler, single storey rear extension following removal of existing conservatory, 3 Furdies.

21/02562/HOU, Mr and Mrs Hatch, single storey rear extension (to replace existing conservatory); loft conversion to include hip to gable roof alteration and five roof lights, Windermere, 28 Mill Road.

21/02836/TPO, Christopher Chapman, installation of new water supply main pipe to house which may affect some tree roots, 1 Providence Villas, Soake Road.


21/02443/FUL, John Gosney, erection of a general purpose agricultural storage building, land opposite L'Eglise, Durley Street.

21/02447/FUL, John Gosney, relocation of an agricultural livestock building to land at Summerfields Farm, land opposite L'Eglise, Durley Street.

21/02468/OUT, Mr Gray, subdivision of garden to Graysway to provide building plot for two storey house, Graysway, Durley Brook Road.


21/02080/LIS, Matt Bailey Ross, replace patio doors and adjoining casement windows to rear of property with like for like timber units, 85 Main Road.

Littleton and Harestock

21/02778/TPC, Caroline McAulay, tree works, 3 Church Lane.

21/02843/TPO, Sanders Rhodes, tree works, The Pump House, Main Road.


21/02751/HOU, Mr Labett, demolition of existing dwelling and replacement with a new dwelling, Jordans, London Road.

21/02805/TPC, Katherine Beckwith, fell trees, East Stratton House, Stratton Lane.

New Alresford

21/02746/TPO, Mrs Blackmore, tree works, 7 Paddock Way.

21/02750/TPO, Mr Brundish, tree works, 2 Shepherds Down.

21/02809/TPO, Mr Thoday, tree reduction, 3 Down Gate.

21/02832/TPO, Mr Lewis, tree works, 29 Beech Road.

21/02842/TPO, Mr Steven, prune horse chestnut, 16 Brill Close.

Old Alresford

21/02462/FUL, Mr and Mrs Arney, reconstruction and extension of The Lodge, The Lodge, Drove Lane.

Oliver's Battery

21/02552/HOU, P Lucas, single storey side/rear extension and raised terrace; front porch and elevational alterations, 66 Old Kennels Lane.


21/02844/HED, Nicholas Butler, hedgerow has been removed without permission, Dradfield Nurseries, Dradfield Lane.

South Wonston

21/02504/FUL, Annette Britton, erection of three detached dwellings, alterations to existing access and associated landscaping and parking, land off Chaucer Close.

21/02819/TPO, Terence Keane, tree works, 22 Downs Road.


21/02640/FUL, Duncan Faires, erection of additional residential accommodation on land to the rear, 13 and 14 Woodman Close.


21/02526/FUL, Susan Goodman, constructing a fully enclosed dog walking paddock for commercial use by general public, Fillditch Farm, Forest Road.

21/02813/LDP, Mr Stubbington, convert roof space with rear dormer, 9 Brickyard Road.

21/02825/TPO, Shuna Rose, cut back holly and hawthorn, 12 Orchardlea.


21/02312/FUL, Barry Voke, condition of previous application 81/00139/OLD removed, Two Ways, Biddenfield Lane.

21/02367/HOU, Chris Dore, install MCS 020 compliant air source heat pump (ASHP) to replace existing LPG gas CH boiler, Pricketts Cottage, Pricketts Hill.

21/02817/FUL, Al Mahdi, removal of condition nine of 20/00598/FUL, Al Mahdi, Fontley Road.


21/02529/HOU, Single story infill extension Wright, replacing the current conservatory with a brick orangery and small infill extension, creating an open-plan kitchen / living space, Wincot, 137 Alresford Road.

21/02563/HOU, Mr and Mrs Hallett, first floor and ground floor rear extensions and elevational alterations, Pakefield, Milnthorpe Lane.

21/02756/HCS, Wendy Agombar, additional car park bays within an existing car park, Kings School, Romsey Road.

21/02747/TPC, Gawne Cain, tree works, 27 Chesil Street.

21/02777/TPO, Mr Mannering, remove ash and reduce sycamore, 3 Eastcliffe, East Hill.

21/02784/TPO, Rand, horse chestnut work, Allos, 15 Kerrfield.

21/02796/TPO, Dybles, sycamore crown lift, Radley House, 8 St Cross Road.

21/02797/TPC, Mrs Evans, reducing elm and laurel, 108 St Cross Road.

21/02802/TPC, Kim Larcombe, tree works, Turners House, 1 Compton Road.

21/02803/TPC, Kim Larcombe, sycamore works, Kingsgate House, 51 Kingsgate Road.

21/02808/TPO, James Cannon, tree works, Weeke Manor House, Loyd-Lindsay Square.

21/02815/TPO, Mr Clemson, fell ash trees, 22 Kerrfield.

21/02820/TPC, Brown, tree works, 16 North Walls.

21/02826/TPC, Mr Baker, fell sycamore, 2 Edgar Villas, Edgar Road.

21/02840/TPC, Mrs Normand, tree fell and reduce, 126 Christchurch Road.

21/02848/TPO, Michael Biden, reduce judas tree, St Giles Hilltop, 5 Northbrook Close.


21/02823/TPC, Richard Prankerd, fell holly tree, Spindleberry, 1 New Cottages, Oxford Road.