A woman, who has been unable to use her garden at her home near Winchester for 18 months because of a dangerous wall, has applied to move.

Recently reported in the Chronicle, Emily Milne of Badger Farm explained how she was told in February 2020 that she couldn't use her garden or garage because of the wall.

Ms Milne's house and several others on May Tree Close have been affected by the broken wall, which is owned by a private tenant.

So far, the wall owner has been unable to do anything as they were given a £20,000 quote for the wall to be fixed.

It has been a difficult time for Ms Milne and her two children, but she is now trying to move.

She said: “I have filled in another application to get back onto the housing bidding system so we will see if they accept it or not. Dawn from A2Dominion spoke to the housing department to see if they would help try and get me back on there as a priority.

“I still haven’t received any compensation for the loss of garden and garage. Haven’t even received any correspondence about compensation either.”

Dawn Wightman, director of housing with A2Dominion explained that they were looking at propping up the wall to reduce the danger.

She said: “We are continuing to do everything we can to keep our residents safe, including arranging for the damaged section of the wall to be propped up to reduce to risk to people living nearby. This is due to be completed next week.

“While we are not in a position to offer financial compensation, we are working towards finding resolutions for our residents in other ways – including talking to the local authority about the possibility of placing our affected residents on their housing waiting list as a priority.

“These conversations are ongoing and we will contact our customers directly if we come to an agreement.”

Ms Milne has also been corresponding with the housing charity Shelter about her situation.

They recommended that to Ms Milne that she should get legal advice due to the fact that the wall is privately owned.