SIR: Last week you published letters about MP Steve Brine’s vote against an amendment which would have stopped the dumping of sewage into our rivers and sea, seemingly against his concern for the environment. His published explanation was that the amendment needed a full assessment of its impact and cost; it would be irresponsible to vote for something so hastily drawn up. Rather awkwardly for Mr Brine the government then U-turned.

This week Steve has voted to tear up the rules governing parliamentary standards. This time, contradicting his earlier sewer logic, he seems to have had no hesitation in voting for an amendment hastily drawn up with far reaching consequences. The government has now back tracked but what was Mr Brine’s thinking? Will he publish another explainer?

In his 2019 election campaign material, Mr Brine described himself as “principled”. Perhaps he can also explain whether his votes were in line with his principles and whether he stands by the positions he took, or whether he is just a government lackey.

Charles Tallack,

Bereweeke Avenue,



SIR: Our democracy is in serious danger when the Prime Minister can first illegally prorogue Parliament, and now ride roughshod over the system set up to oversee the behaviour of himself and other MPs.

How disgraceful that our MP Steve Brine, unlike many of his honourable colleagues, went along with this.

I hope his next Letter from Westminster will include an apology for letting us all down.

Howard Nattrass,

Clifton Hill,