SIR: Spending £139 million on a ‘smart motorway’ between junction nine, A34 interchange and junction fourteen ‎at Southampton on the M3 is naïve and ‘smart motorways’ are a proven danger to life. (Chronicle, November 4)

A queue of traffic on the inside lane would not be able to suddenly divert to another lane should a vehicle break down or there was an accident.

Regardless of how many cameras and radar exist, such a system cannot visualise the future. Without a hard shoulder‎ there is no where to go. Fact.

All motoring organisations are against further development of ‘smart motorways’. They have been ignored. They represent drivers. National Highways do not.

National Highways (as they now call themselves) must know the dangers, but against common sense, continue to build ‘smart motorways’ against overwhelming opposition from organisations and people with common sense. The only reason ‘smart’ motorways were initiated was to add an extra lane at lower cost.

It seems that National Highways can continue without opposition to their proven life-threatening plans.

Their seemingly Orwellian terminology will not alter the proven fact that ‘smart motorways’ cause more deaths. Fact.

‘Smart motorway’ construction must cease immediately.

Sadly, not one executive at Highways Britain has been held to account over the deaths that have already been directly related to ‘smart motorways’ nor the increasing deaths that will resulting the denial of reality.

There is much talk. Now it is time to take action.

Simon Lever,

Juniper Close,

Badger Farm,