SIR: Climate change and the need for real action is very much in the news this week. Why then do I fail to spot any solar panels being fitted to the new houses being built by Cala Homes in Kings Barton? I did see some solar water heating panels on some of the houses but that is not enough. It is a wasted opportunity since it is much cheaper to install solar PV panels when you are building houses rather than retrofitting them later. They should also not be optional extras.

I would be delighted to hear that Cala Homes are actually installing high tech panels which just look like normal tiles and slates and that is why I don’t see them - but I don’t think that is likely.

Perhaps the Winchester MP, Steve Brine, who has recently taken on the roll as a Net Zero Champion for Green Homes might like to pursue this with Cala Homes?

Richard Gibson,

North Walls,