IN SEPTEMBER, youngsters all over Winchester started school for the first time.

It is the beginning of a new chapter and a landmark moment in their little lives so far.

Starting school is one of the most emotional moments in any parent’s life and hopefully for their little ones, filled with excitement.

This will have been an unprecedented time for young children and for parents, with many working from home.

The start of school will be a much welcome routine for many parents and children around Winchester.

The Chronicle asked schools to capture photos of their new classes to mark the milestone.

As the reception classes of 2021 enjoy the second term of their school lives, we’re excited to be running this First Class picture special for parents, grandparents and other family members to treasure for years to come.

To get a copy of the photos yourself, contact the relevant schools.

This year we are also reaching out to Winchester schools to send us photos of their Nativity. Send your photos to