Thousands of people are ignoring symptoms of cancer believing them to be innocent inconveniences, experts have warned.

Medics are urging Brits to be aware of four key symptoms that are often ignored.

But experts have said they could in fact be a sign of cancer.

Four symptoms that could be a sign of cancer

Indigestion, stomach pain and back pain in particular are symptoms pancreatic cancer sufferers in particular should be aware of.

Weight loss should also be a sign to contact your GP.

On top of this, anyone with jaundice eyes – when the skin, whites of eyes or mucous membranes turn yellow – is being urged to head to A&E straight away.

If you have any of these symptoms you should be searching for medical advice within four weeks.

Worryingly, 28% are ignoring these signs for as long as three months.

Advice to anyone with symptoms

Diana Jupp, CEO of Pancreatic Cancer UK, said: “It is hugely worrying to hear that so many people would put off seeking help for so long. Pancreatic cancer has not gone away because of Covid-19 and I would urge anyone with persistent, unexplained symptoms to use the NHS.

“There is no time to wait with pancreatic cancer. Thousands of people a year, still reeling from hearing the word cancer, are told it’s too late, that nothing can be done for them. That must stop.”

She added “We do not want people to panic if they have some or all of these symptoms, because most people who do will not have pancreatic cancer.

"But it is absolutely vital that people learn more about this disease, talk to their loved ones, and help us end the culture of silence around the deadliest common cancer in the UK.”