UNIVERSITY graduates celebrated their success this week in graduation ceremonies which some had to wait a year for.

The University of Winchester hosted its graduation ceremonies at Winchester Cathedral from October 19-22, with over 2000 graduates collecting their awards.

As well as this, the university also awarded Honorary Doctorates and Fellowships to prominent public figures to recognise them in their fields of expertise.

The nine ceremonies were presided over by Chancellor of the University, Alan Titchmarch.

The Reverend Professor Elizabeth Stuart said: “Graduation is one of life's most significant occasions. I am always incredibly proud of our graduates and am looking forward to celebrating their success at Graduation.

“Students graduating this month have completed their studies in very challenging times during the pandemic and I am in awe of their resilience and flexibility.”

Some students, who finished their degree in 2020, had to wait a year to receive their award after last year's ceremonies were postponed because of the pandemic.

Among the recipients of the honorary awards was professional quizzer and Winchester resident Kevin Ashman.

Kevin has won Mastermind, Brain of Britain and has been an Egghead since 2003.