SIR: I was very excited when Winchester’s new leisure centre opened. Being disabled I assumed wrongly the facilities would be adapted for disabled people. On my first visit I was dismayed to find after parking in the disabled places there was a long walk into the centre. I use a walking frame and in the winter when the weather is at its worst if it is raining I will get drenched just getting to the centre so probably will not go.

Cannot the disabled parking be on the same level as the centre? Very badly designed for disabled people. Well, I get into the centre and have to get somebody to open the doors for me as they are fire doors and too heavy for me to open as I have a walker. I can’t get in the new pool as it doesn’t have sloping steps to walk down only vertical ladders. I know there are hoists but I can walk in so will have to use the children’s pool when it is available.

Also I was asked some years ago what facilities I thought would help disabled people around the pool and suggested putting a bar all around the pool, this hasn’t been done. I do classes in both studios one and two and there are only bars one side of the room it would help if another wall had them.

And, finally, whoever designed the disabled toilets did not use them as the toilet roll holders, you cannot reach when sitting on the toilet. I have been to Holly Hill another Everyone Active and their disabled toilets are the same.

The Winchester Sport and Leisure centre was a golden opportunity for facilities for disabled people to be improved but it is lacking in so many ways. I am really disappointed.

Barbara White,

Cranbourne Drive,